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Back to list Improve your golf game this season - check out our latest podcast! "Kevin Honsberger joined the guys from the Swing Thoughts podcast recently to discuss how poor biomechanics is affected your golf swing. Howard, Tim & Kevin talk about their personal and professional experiences surrounding golf, injury prevention and optimal performance."
Posted on 2017-07-05
Back to list They say a change is as good as a rest, so we decided to change! I have had the privilege of treating many clients over my 35 years of practice and those that know me know I am always searching for a better or quicker way to create sustainable change. The challenge for any company is to stay relevant to its clients, especially in the medical field. We can’t fix today’s medical problems with yesterday’s knowledge. There is saying that has guided me over my years of...
Posted on 2017-07-05
Back to list Performance requires fine tuned precision across a multitude of areas. Some athletes are blessed with an abundance of talent, but most require a great deal of hard work to be "the best". Current research shows that to reach the "expert" level in fields such as music, sports, or other specialties and professions requires over 10 000 hours of dedicated training.   In other words, being passionate is not enough! It also takes several key areas to come together: Strong und...
Posted on 2015-07-15
Back to list R.M.T Osvaldo 'Ozy' Bolanos What is a hamstring injury? Technically it’s a strain, it can be also called a pull or a tear. What type of pain would I feel if I pulled my hamstring? The moment of the pull you will feel a sharp pain in the site of injury. People often describe it as if something “ripped” or a “ripping sensation” in the site of the injury. It can also happen gradually. When should I get treated? As soon as it happens we can start treati...
Posted on 2015-07-15