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Writen by Brent Andrews BPE, A.T.,C The Foot: A good analogy is the foundation of a house. If the foundation is weak the house will eventually start to collapse. Likewise if your feet are weak your body will collapse. Proper foot function provides support for the body above, keeping it strong. On the other hand, if the foot collapses then the body above is inadequately supported. In biomechanical terms, collapsing of the foot is called over-pronation. Pronation is a necessary motion of the foot...
Posted on 2017-12-14
We are so fortunate at Honsberger Physio+ to have such a dedicated group of therapists committed to client care, injury prevention and helping you accomplish your goals! One thing that not many of our clients are aware of is that Brent Andrews, BPE, ATC was the Athletic Trainer for The Toronto Blue Jays when they won the pennant in 1992 and 1993! For those of you who are baseball superfans, up and coming baseball athletes, have a nagging elbow injury or shoulder injury than Bren...
Posted on 2017-12-14
In a complex world full of stress and pressure, politics and wanting what is best for your child, having your child participating in sports from a recreational level to a high performance level can be overwhelming. We work with parents, athletes and coaches on a daily basis and it is our goal to help guide them through sport both physically and mentally. A common question we get is, 'what is best for my child?' The answer is different for everyone. Depending on your child's age, ability level, l...
Posted on 2017-12-14
Why is mobility important for CrossFit? Injury prevention Performance enhancement Injuries can happen for many reasons, but some common causes that relate to mobility is limited mobility in one joint causing another joint to compensate (for example lack of thoracic spine extension causing increased strain on the shoulders), or body limitations causing improper technique (for example increased forward lean of the torso in a squat due to tight ankles). Poor mobility can also cause performa...
Posted on 2017-10-20
Do you know that the pain and/or discomfort that you may be feeling may be a result of being inactive! This should raise a concern considering that the average person sits an estimated 10-15 hours a day between their commute to work, their actual desk work environment, and nightly screen time, etc. Prolonged sitting does not only negatively impact our muscle and joints, but also slows down our metabolism and cardiovascular health. To help improve the situation, companies are introducing ...
Posted on 2017-09-26
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