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Visual Edge- Athletic Training Goes Digital, and Sports Vision Training Becomes More Accessible to Canadian, UK and Commonwealth Athletes


HPBC welcomes Jessica Metcalf PT to our team in Aurora and Tamar Kideckel PT Resident to our Markham Team.


Honsberger Physiotherapy is proud to be affiliated with GTA Rugby 


The list of MLB teams using the Dynavision D2™ during spring training increases each year now including Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros, and Chicago Cubs. These teams are discovering what The University of Cincinnati's baseball team discovered a few years ago. A vision training program can increase batting averages.

"Vision training can combine traditional and technological methodologies to train the athletes’ eyes and improve batting. Vision training as part of conditioning or injury prevention can be applied and may improve batting performance in college baseball players."

Download the whole study on increased batting averages here.

As an interesting sidebar, in the 2014 season, the U if Cincy baseball team had a new coach, and no vision training- this resulted in a 24 point drop in team batting average and a 20% drop in number of hits!!


ThinQ GolfTHINQ Golf features a suite of mental golf video games designed to improve necessary skills such as awareness, attention, synchronicity, intention, and adaptability to achieve cognitive coherency.

THINQ Golf Games are science-based and built through the extensive research of Dr. Debbie Crews and the THINQ Team.

The THINQ Team has learned through testing with EEG's that THINQ Golf Games can change the brain into a more synchronous, or harmonic state , which is necessary for elite level players.


Honsberger Physiotherapy held an Advanced Concussion Management Workshop for Hockey trainers in the Aurora Minor Hockey Association in September to help promote better concussion recognition and management. 

Please contact for more details to host a similar workshop for your sports association.


Pelvic Health

Honsberger Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Clinic in Aurora is now treating pelvic health issues, such as incontinence (male and female), prolapse, and pelvic pain and dysfunction

For more information on how physiotherapy can help these issues please see our women's health issues link on the left side of your screen under "explore" or alternately contact Sandra Manherz at our Aurora office."


On-line Video Analysis

For many years HPBC has been offering in-clinic video analysis. This has been a very popular service but has not been able to meet the needs of all our clientele.  Now we are bringing our expertise to you on-line with our new On-line Video Analysis program.  This program allows us to receive and analyze your video and return our observations and recommendations to you online.


Honsberger Physiotherapy Opens Neurocognitive Training Centre in Aurora as well

HPBC has acquired leading edge equipment and software to address neurocognitive issues related to concussion recovery, attention challenges, vision development and athletic performance enhancement. “This new initiative brings sports medicine to the brain” reports HPBC president Kevin Honsberger. Visit our site for further information and  clinical updates on the impact of our program.


HPBC offers Sleep Study service.

Improper sleep habits have been linked to delayed injury recovery, attention challenges and poor athletic performance. A simple analysis could reveal a major reason why your performance development or injury recovery has plateaued.


Join Team 25 and be one of 25 special Canadians who will step up  and pledge $2,500.00 to help save a brain!


Honsberger Physiotherapy Neurocognitive & Vision Performance Centre is now open at our Markham office.  As part of our Vision Performance Centre, we also offer Baseline Concussion testing.



Honsberger Golf is pleased to announce that it has entered into a relationship with the Academy Performance Tee at Magna Golf Club with Danny King – the Head Teaching Professional to provide golf specific injury assessment, treatments and performance training to Magna Golf Club members and their guests.

Kevin Honsberger is extremely honoured to have the opportunity to work with Danny at the Magna’s Academy Performance Tee and participate in developing and delivering leading edge golf programs.  Please contact us at 905-940-2627 for more details


Custom Support Stockings and Compression Therapy

Swelling, fatigue, spider and varicose veins in the lower legs can be relieved by compression socks or stockings.  Medically graded to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the heart, compression stockings are beneficial for individuals who sit or stand for long periods of time, travel (especially on airplanes), and for those who have poor circulation in the lower legs.  New technology from Therafirm allows easier application of the stockings and therefore more convenient to wear.

Contact our Aurora location for more information and ask to speak with Karen Goodyear, Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Fitter of Compression Stockings at (905) 841-0411 or kgoodyear@


Honsberger Preventative Health Index
Helping you save money and improve your health

In today’s business environment with economic downturns and decreased health care benefits, Honsberger Physiotherapy is striving to help its clients save money and maximize their health.

All injuries have some type of cost associated with them.  Cost needs to be looked at in at least 3 ways:
1.  Physical cost of injury assessment and treatment
2.  Lost time and revenue from work or activity
3.  Loss of quality of life

With a relatively minor injury, on average 10 sessions are needed for full recovery.  This works out to be approximately $600, plus the time lost at work for travel and treatment time.  Alternatively a more serious issue such as a disc herniation or knee ligament tear can results in expenses in the thousands of dollars.

For business add in the increased costs of providing health benefits to employees (or workplace safety insurance premiums). As the number of claims increase so does the cost of premiums.

One clear way to avoid injury and the associated costs is to evaluate the risk of injury before it happens.  Honsberger Physiotherapy has developed a low-cost, effective health screen to evaluate an individual’s risk for injury.  If a problem is found, a series of simple exercises can be given to correct the fault, or a more detailed evaluation may be warranted.  In either case, an efficient plan of action can be implemented to help eliminate the risk of injury.

How does a cost of $25 compare to thousands of dollars?



Are you ready for the upcoming Golf season?  Talk to one of our staff about our golf conditioning program or Golf instruction.




Honsberger Physiotherapy is an accredited clinic with the National Sports Centre- Ontario for the assessment and treatment of Canadian Olympic and National athletes.

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