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Medical Reference
Journey To Building A Better You

They say a change is as good as a rest, so we decided to change! I have had the privilege of treating many clients over my 35 years of practice and those that know me know I am always searching for a better or quicker way to create sustainable change. The challenge for any company is to stay relevant to its clients, especially in the medical field. We can’t fix today’s medical problems with yesterday’s knowledge. There is saying that has guided me over my years of practice: ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’.

We will always search for new ideas and methods and through these ongoing efforts our new name has emerged as Honsberger Physio Plus. Having an open mind to explore, implement and improve our treatment outcomes has, by design, changed our company. We are now much more than a physiotherapy clinic.  Each day brings its own unique challenges, which drives each and everyone here. What is exciting is to see our staff grapple with these challenges and create new solutions.

We have developed a special interest in concussion assessment and treatment and are currently involved in developing a regional response to this growing issue. Our sports vision program has helped young developing goalies reach the NHL, while our baseball players have qualified for scholarships and our golfers are vying for national team honours. This commitment to sports performance has become our R&D. Those successes translate into better treatments and outcomes for our everyday clients. 

Thank you for supporting our clinic, staff and programs. We are honoured to treat you, appreciate your trust and will always be moving forward to find the next treatment that will help you achieve your health or performance goals.