Best At-Home Massage Therapy Techniques To Reduce Muscle Tension

In this stressful and crazy world we are in, it can be difficult to manage our stress on a daily basis.  Commuting, taking kids to and from practices, caring for our parents and loved ones, it can be overwhelming on our physical and emotional selves.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have a massage therapist on demand, or in home daily? 

The likelihood we can have a massage everyday by an RMT is a dream, however, I want to provide you with the 'Best At-Home Massage Therapy Techniques to Reduce Muscle Tension'. 

I am a sucker for a head and foot massage, and frankly a hand massage too!  There are so many nerve endings in the feet and head that it just makes sense that these areas are a great starting point for self-care.  If anyone has ever had reflexology, you will know the significant benefits of “foot work” as well as the “hand work” version.  If we step back and really look at the amount of “work” our hands and feet do in a day, it just makes sense that these areas are pathways for stress relief too!

Technique #1: 

The first 'At-Home Massage Therapy Techniques to Reduce Muscle Tension' is acupressure on the feet. 

1. With the thumbs of either hand starting in the middle of the ball of your foot, gently but firmly, apply pressure from the sole of your foot towards the top of your foot. 

2. Brief 2 second pressure is applied outwards and around either side of the ball of your foot, then working your way back in towards the arch. 

3. Thumbs side by side, press firmly for 2 sec down the length of the arch of your foot to the front of your heel. 

Alternatively, using the ACTIVE BODY BALL... 

  • Put the Active Body Ball underneath your foot.
  • Starting at the ball of the foot, in a slow circular direction, roll the ball of the foot on the ball, and then slowly move down toward the arch – you can roll the length of the arch and finish with some moderate pressure hold on the heel. 
  • Repeat this pattern on both feet for 30-60 seconds.

    Having the Active Body Ball at work, in the home office, or one on the go (commuting or between appointments/visits), is a fast and easy way to provide some much-needed self-care. What I love most about the Active Body Ball is that it is the only massage tool that can be heated up and cooled down to provide extra levels of relief - hot and cold therapy all in one! 

Technique #2: 

The second 'At-Home Massage Therapy Techniques to Reduce Muscle Tension' is a self-head massage. 

Who doesn’t enjoy getting their hair washed at the hairdresser?  The full goosebump effect is my absolute FAVORITE part of my time at the salon! The self-head massage can be done sitting in a chair or laying down.  

1. Begin with your hands on either side of your head, start with a gentle circular pattern, rubbing your temples with your fingertips (middle fingers are good to use) for about one minute.

2. For the second step, “shampoo” the scalp. With gentle fingertips (all your fingers), massage the entire scalp in small circles. Begin at the temples and move toward the back of the head.  You can also do small circles from the temples across the forehead and back towards the crown. Continue this for one minute.

Technique #3

The third 'At-Home Massage Therapy Techniques to Reduce Muscle Tension' is a gentle inner ear massage. 

Our third and final technique, is the gentle inner ear massage.  If you are short on time this is a fantastic alternative.  This is a more subtle treatment technique that can be done sitting, standing or laying down.  The vagus nerve is treated with this technique. 

Please watch this short and well detailed video to teach you this simple technique: 

By using these 'Best At-Home Massage Therapy Techniques to Reduce Muscle Tension' even the busiest days can be managed with a little bit of self-care/self-massage to give you some on the go stress relief. 

That being said, it is always best to be assessed by a Registered Massage Therapist to ensure your at-home plan aligns to support your past medical history and current goals. 

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Please note, this blog is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat any health related issues.
Always consult a regulated health pracititioner before beginning any treatment. 

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