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As a physiotherapist I field many varied questions from clients, so it was no surprise when I heard "can I ask you a question about concussions?", which was quickly followed by "how could the Leafs let Tavares get back on the ice so quickly?".  After I explained the rationale (see below), my client then said "since most people don't know this, parents and athletes are going to make the wrong decisions, so the Leafs need to do better to educate people". So I am going to save the Leafs some...
Posted on 2021-06-07
Our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones adapt both positively and negatively to the level of stress we placed on them. Positive adaptation occurs when the applied stresses are repeated within the mechanical limits of a structure and adequate recovery time are provided between stress applications. On the other hand, negative adaptation (injuries) occurs when a stress is applied beyond the mechanical limits with insufficient recovery time between stress applications. The graph below shows the i...
Posted on 2021-05-10
Running is one of the most popular exercises with 50 million estimated participants around the World. This beloved exercise has easy accessibility and is highly addictive. It improves cardiovascular functions, mental health, bone health and muscle strengths. However, according statistics, 27 of recreational and competitive runners sustain at least one overuse running injury for one year period. 27 million runners will experience a running injury every year, and associated health care costs can r...
Posted on 2021-05-10
Do you struggle for words or forget why you came into a room? If so, your might be dealing with a condition called mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Up to 10 of these individuals may develop Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. Age related changes in the brain are normal. Many thinking abilities peak at the age of 30 then subtly decline as age increases.  Normal changes include a slowness in thinking, difficulty sustaining attention, difficulties with multitasking holding information i...
Posted on 2021-05-05
At this present time, Covid-19 has created a large worldwide impact on our overall health and the economy. This pandemic state which has put everyone in crisis mode can also have a large impact on our mental health. Thinking about this has led me to look a little further on the effects of concussion injuries on mental health. 1 in 5 may experience mental health symptoms up to six months after mild traumatic brain injury. 67Baf725a34-4383-4356-96b3-b9982a02d0c2%7D/experts-discuss-rare-link-betw...
Posted on 2021-05-05
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