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COVID-19 Health and Safety

New Health and Safety Policies and Procedures at Honsberger Physio+

Updated: Wednesday, January 13th 7:47 AM EST

We take the health and safety of our team, clients and communities very seriously and as such have implemented a number of new health and safety policies and procedures to be sure we do our part to reduce the spread.

We appreciate your understanding and attention to these new guidelines. 

Latest update: 

As Ontario issues its latest stay-at-home order, as regulated health professionals we are considered an essential service and are able to remain open.
For more information on the latest release, click here. F
or a full explination on what is able to remain open, click here.

     1. We will no longer be calling our patients before their scheduled appointments to enter our facilities.

  • Due to the administrative duties our amazing front desk team must complete on a daily basis and wanting to provide the best possible experience for our clients, it has become too difficult to call every client to invite them inside and stay on time. We kindly ask that you enter the building no more than 5-minutes before your appointment. If there is anyone ahead of you at the front desk, please maintain a 6m distance from any other individual in our front offices while waiting for your appointment.

    2. Osteopathic services have been temporarily suspended until the latest York Region lockdown regulations are lifted.
  • The Chief Medical Officer of Health’s Office (CMOH) of Ontario has made the decision that osteopathic services are not permitted during the lockdown. While Daniel Hilborn is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and is unable to bill under Osteopathy services for the time being, Dan is also a Certified Athletic Therapist and still able to practice and take care of his clients using this licensed designation. If you are an active osteopathic client or were interested in Osteopathy services, there are still ways for us to help you achieve your goals and find the cause of your pain, please reach out to us directly at dan@honsbergerphysio.com for more information. If you currently have a booked osteopathic appointment in the future, we will be contacting you to make arrangements based on your specific needs.

Client Health and Safety Policies and Procedures 

 1. 36-hours before your appointment you will receive a 'COVID-19 Health Screen' by email. This must be completed prior to every visit to the clinic. If you do not receive your 'COVID-19 Health Screen' please call us in Markham at (905) 940-2627 or in Aurora at (905) 841-0411 and we will resend this to you. 
2. Please complete the Health Screen 2-hours prior to your visit to ensure your responses are current. 
3. We kindly ask that you bring as little as possible with you in to the clinic. Please leave all non-essential personal effects in your car or at home. 
4. We will have designated ENTRANCE and EXIT doors to help reduce congestion in the communal spaces and allow for increased social distancing. The ENTRANCE and EXIT doors are clearly labeled and there are red directional arrows on the floor to guide you out of the building following your appointment. 
5. When you enter the building, there will be a hand sanitizing station and 3-layer blue medical grade masks provided for all clients. We kindly ask that you sanitize your hands before putting on your mask. All clients are required to wear a mask during their appointment. If you wish to wear your own mask that is permissable. 

We reserve the right to deny treatment if a client is unable to wear the required personal protective equipment. Each client case will be dealt with individually. If treatment is approved by the treating therapist, we will require a PPE Liability Release form to be signed before each visit. 

We appreciate your understanding. 

6. We will be limiting all non-essential visitors in to the clinic. So unless a dependent requires a parent and/or guardian, a personal support worker or family member is required for support, we kindly ask that you attend your appointment on your own. Any individual who enters the clinic who is not booked as a patient will be required to provide their first and last name, address, email and phone number to support contact tracing policies (if necessary). 
7. Once you have sanitized your hands and put on your mask, we kindly ask that you pay in advance of your appointment to help us reduce congestion at the front desk. 
8. If you wish to buy products at the advice of your therapist, you can circle back through the clinic following your appointment to pay for your additional purchase, we can accept your credit card over the phone or you can send an e-transfer to settle up any remaining balances. 
9. All invoices will be sent digitally, so please be sure your email on file is up to date. 
10. When your treatment is finished, your therapist will book any follow up sessions necessary with you in person, alternatively, you can call in to book or book online. You will not be permitted to book with the Administrative team at the front desk at the time of your appointment. 
11. Once your appointment is complete, we kindly ask that you follow the red arrows to the EXIT door and remove your mask (if you wish) and dispose of any personal protective equipment in the garbage bin provided and sanitize your hands prior to touching the door knob to exit the building. Please do not dispose of personal protective equipment in the parking lot. We must all do our part to ensure personal protective equipment gets disposed of properly. 
12. We have scheduled 'cleaning and disinfecting breaks' between every client to ensure all surfaces are properly cleaned with DIN (drug identification number) hospital grade cleaners. As well as allowing time for therapists to sanitize and wash their hands and change any required personal protective equipment. 

Employee Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

1. All employees will be required to complete a mandatory daily Health Screen including a temperature check (with a non-touch thermometer) to ensure they are in good health and able to interact with clients. We also will be recording the name and location and date of any excursions outside of the home for all employees to enhance our ability to complete contact tracing (if necessary). 
2. All employees have been provided with KN95 respiratory masks, face shields, protective eyewear and gloves. However, there are varying requirements based on their respective governing colleges so the different staff you interact with may be wearing varying levels of personal protective equipment. If you feel uncomfortable and wish for more personal protective equipment to be worn by your treating therapist, please let them know and they will take immediate steps to ensure you are comfortable. 
3. The front desks have been equipped with germ shields to provide a protective barrier between clients and our Administrative teams. 
4. Upon arrival to the clinics, all staff must immediately wash their hands prior to putting on their personal protective equipment. 
5. All surfaces in the treatment room will than be disinfected prior to the first client visit. 
6. In between each client we have scheduled 10-minute cleaning breaks to ensure the treatment rooms are properly disinfected in between each client and the therapists have ample time to sanitize and wash their hands and change any required personal protective equipment.

  • The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario requires Registered Massage Therapists to keep cleaning logs so these will be readily available for those this applies to

7. All common surfaces in the clinic will be disinfected every hour and POS machines will be disinfected after every use. 
8. At the end of a shift, all employees will be required to disinfect all surfaces at their workstation with DIN hospital grade cleaners. 
9. We have increased the frequencies of our janitorial staff to ensure we maintain proper cleanliness standards within our clinics. 
10. All staff have completed a rigorous three phase training program to ensure they completely understand and abide by all the new health and safety policies and procedures, including an IPAC Hand Hygiene training module. 

For those who are still uncomfortable with in-person visits or are showing symptoms, we will still be offering Virtual Telehealth Assessments and follow-up sessions, bookable online or over the phone. 

With the increased amount of personal protective equipment required to operate safely, scheduling adjustments and the significant health and safety investments we have made to protect our team, clients and communities, we have had to increase the cost of all in-person visits by $5. We do this simply to ensure we can continue to provide a safe working environment and protect our most vulnerable. 

Please be advised, operating expectations and health guidelines are changing rapidly and we are doing our absolute best to stay on top of the risk factors and provide safe environments for our teams and clients. 

If you see anything you are not happy with, we encourage you to voice your concerns for immediate feedback to our Senior Leadership Team.
We take your feedback very seriously. 

As always, your health and wellness is our number one priority.

We appreciate your continued support.

Stay well and we look forward to seeing you soon!

The Honsberger Physio+ Family

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