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Compression Therapy in Markham & Aurora, ON

Are you in need of a compression sock, stocking or sleeve? We at Honsberger Physio+ offer a wide range of Sigvaris medical compression garments and solutions to meet your needs! 

Our team provides thorough assessments of our patients to ensure they’re getting the right product and the right solution to their problems. We offer medical grade and over-the-counter Sigvaris compression products in Markham and Aurora to help you enjoy your life, maximize your mobility, and prevent injury. 

With over 150 years of medical expertise, you can be confident Sigvaris offers a product that you'll not only want to wear, but provides the therapeutic benefits you need. Learn more about Sigvaris now!

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What Is Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy is a medical treatment that involves wearing specially designed compression stockings or sleeves to improve circulation in the limbs. The stockings or sleeves are made from a stretchy material that applies pressure to the limb, helping to improve blood flow and reduce swelling. 

Compression therapy is commonly used to treat conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, lymphedema, and other circulatory problems. The pressure applied by the compression garment helps to stimulate the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid back toward the heart, reducing discomfort and improving overall limb function. Compression therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as exercise and medication, to help manage and prevent a variety of medical conditions.

What Are The Benefits Of Compression Stockings & Socks?

Compression socks and stockings can provide a range of benefits, including improved comfort, fit, and function. They are designed to fit the unique contours of the individual's feet or legs, providing support, cushioning, and compression where it is needed most. 

Many types of people can benefit from compression therapy, including:

  • Athletes
  • Frequent air travelers, pilots, airline personnel 
  • People who spend most of their time on their feet for work 
  • Pregnant women 
  • Those with chronic venous disease

Overall, compression socks and stockings are a valuable tool for individuals looking to optimize their foot and leg health, improve comfort and function, and manage a variety of medical conditions.

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Medical Grade Compression vs. Over the Counter (OTC) Compression 

Basically, the greater the compression level, or compression strength, the tighter the compression stocking. These levels are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). It's the same scale used to take your blood pressure.

Compression products are made available in multiple compression support levels. Most commonly compression support stockings come in mild (8-15 mmHg), Medium (15-20 mmHg), Firm (20-30 mmHg), X-Firm (30-40 mmHg) gradient compression levels.

Compression stockings with relatively low compression levels can be purchased without a prescription in our clinics and online

Compression stockings of 20 mmHg or higher need to be prescribed by a physician, these are considered medical grade compression products. The prescription will include the specific strength you need.  They are used for the treatment of various medical conditions, and should be used under the supervision of a doctor. The prescription for them needs to be renewed on an annual basis.

How Does The Process Work at Honsberger Physio+

We offer compression therapy consultations in Aurora and Markham. To get started, you can book a consultation to learn more about the process and get to know us, our products, and our team. 

Most insurance coverage require a prescription from your family doctor recommending custom compression stockings with the level of compression indicated on the referral documentation.

Once it’s been decided that compression therapy is the right fit for you, one of our experienced therapists will take detailed measurements of the limb that requires compression. Ensuring a proper fit with the correct amount of compression is key to maximizing the benefits. 

We offer a wide variety of fashionable styles of compression garments including athletic leg sleeves, calf level socks, thigh level socks, pantyhose and more! 

Once you have your compression sleeve or sock, we’ll teach you how to properly put on and remove your garment and how to care for it. We also offer follow-up appointments to ensure your compression garment is working optimally and giving you the best level of results. 

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Our Expert Compression Consultants:

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If you’re in need of a compression solution, look no further than Honsberger Physio+. With services available in Aurora and Markham, we’ll meet with you to learn about your compression needs and ensure you get the right product with a perfect fit. 

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