Our Difference

Innovative Physiotherapy - Our Whole Body Approach

We believe:

  • A whole-body approach is key to injury prevention and recovery
  • Personal empowerment helps you achieve long-term results
  • That with the right plan, you will live a healthy life

Our Story

In 1987, Kevin and Margaret Honsberger identified a gap in the professional treatment of injury.

With a background in education, healthcare, athletic coaching and training, they journeyed out to open a new style of treatment clinic specializing in innovative physiotherapy for injury management and empowerment.

With biomechanics as their guiding philosophy, the team introduced an innovative approach to injury prevention and recovery for elite athletes. Now recognized as world-wide leaders through their work with Canada’s top professional athletes, sports teams and Olympians, the duo evolved their practice to have broader appeal to both employee wellness at corporations and individuals looking to lead a fulfilling life – pain free.

Our Team

Grounded by the belief that personal empowerment is key to living and sustaining a healthy life, the Honsberger Physio+ team strives to maintain the highest level of quality, honesty and integrity in everything they do.

Our team of innovative physiotherapists, athletic therapists and massage therapists offer diverse real-world experiences, expertise and personal athletic and academic achievements to their practice. From golf, hockey and baseball to workplace injury and concussions – learn about what we do best!

Kevin Honsberger, Founder and innovative physiotherapy advocate

Kevin Honsberger, Founder

Kevin has been active in physiotherapy for over 30 years. He graduated with degrees in Physical and Health Education and received his Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 1982 from the University of Toronto.  He has worked primarily in the sports medicine field as a senior physiotherapist at the Mt. Sinai Sports Medicine Clinic and at the Fitness Institute where he was instrumental in reviving the Olympic High Performance Center. Kevin’s focus has been on the biomechanical nature of injuries and how to treat them. He also has a special interest in the role of orthotics and injury management, and the assessment and treatment of low back and pelvic injuries.

With the support of the entire Honsberger family, Honsberger Physio+ has grown to include two thriving clinic locations in Ontario and continues to incorporate innovative technology within all its service and program offerings.

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