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Occupation: Certified Athletic Therapist + Certified Kinesiologist

About me: My goal is to make you live well and to play strong, by treating the body holistically and helping you achieve an optimal state of health! As Director of the Industrial Management, I take care of employees at work through our on-site physiotherapy program. I love sports, travelling, and photography.  

Special Interests: Jason Varghese is a graduate from York University, and is both a Certified Athletic Therapist and Certified Kinesiologist. In addition to these credentials, Jason is also certified as an Emergency First Responder. Jason has over 15 years experience in the athletic, clinical, and hospital-based community, and has had the opportunity to treat and condition individuals at all levels, including at the Olympic level. In addition to utilizing advanced muscle therapy and manual techniques, Jason also has an extensive background in Cardiac, Aquatic, Visceral, Craniosacral, and Neuromeningeal therapies. Jason brings many roles into Honsberger Physio+ - most importantly, serving as the Director of our Ergonomics and Industrial Management program.