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Whether you’ve experienced a fall, a head impact or a vehicle accident, a concussion is a serious brain injury that needs specific treatment. We are involved in every step of the concussion process. From protecting you with an initial baseline test to a whole-body approach to recovery if you are injured, our goal is to help you return to school, work or play safely. We will analyze your coordination, balance and body movement, track how your mind reacts and thinks with vision and neurocognitive testing and evaluate your alignment and soft tissues – we will help you on your road to recovery from your head to your toes!

  • Biomechanical Assessment
  • Vision Testing
  • Active Evaluation
  • Neurocognitive Testing
  • Balance Testing

Minimize the risk of future head injuries with a thorough baseline concussion test. Return to school, work or play safely by re-training your brain using advanced neurocognitive technology, active recovery methods, alignment and soft tissue treatment, and a whole-body approach to recovery.

Maximize recovery of your injury with a thorough baseline concussion test and recover safely through alignment, soft issue treatment and a whole-body approach to recovery.

Baseline Concussion Test

We take a proactive approach to concussion management that sets new benchmarks for baseline testing standards. By combining active movement, balance and coordination with advanced neurocognitive technology, we can effectively measure reaction time, memory, concentration and processing skills, so that if you are injured, you can return to work, school or play safely.

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Concussion Evaluation

Our integrated, whole-body rehabilitation approach combines physiotherapy and advanced neurocognitive technology to effectively recover from a head injury. Avoid extended or long-term damage through vision training, balance, spinal/structural alignment, soft tissue movement pattern and cognitive response training.  

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