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Vision Performance Centre

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Our Vision Performance Centre is a dynamic facility dedicated to sports vision, athlete development, concussion testing and recovery, and for anyone wanting to perform at their best! Using advanced neurocognitive technology and a whole-body rehabilitation approach, we offer the ultimate training ground for the body and brain to help you reach optimal performance.

  • Sport Performance
  • School Programs
  • Aging Populations
  • Equipment Operators
  • Tactical Occupations

Vision Training

Our innovative training environment helps improve visual and neurocognitive skills through tracking individual response to messages, stimuli and visuals using their body, brain and eyes.

Sports Performance

We work with Olympic, professional, competitive and amateur athletes of all ages to help them become faster, stronger and avoid injury. Our athlete focused vision training is custom designed and sport-specific to give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.
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Concussion Recovery

Whether you’ve experienced a fall, suffered a head injury or had a vehicle accident, avoid extended or long-term damage through vision and cognitive training. To learn about our Concussion Solutions,
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Active Aging

Age, illness and accidents can all impact how the mind and muscles work together. By re-training the brain through vision and cognitive training we can help improve memory, response, concentration and balance.

Tactical Training

Tactical personnel and first responders need to be alert and act quickly. Improve reaction time, concentration, agility and decision making under pressure with our occupational focused vision training.

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