5 Things You Should Know About Pelvic Health 

Pelvic Health is not a topic that is commonly discussed, so here are '5 things you should know about Pelvic Health': 

1. Incontinence after pregnancy is NOT normal. In fact, incontinence of any kind is not normal and very treatable. If you 'dribble' when you sneeze, cough or laugh, you’re suffering from incontinence and you could benefit greatly from pelvic health treatment. 

2.  Pelvic health isn’t just for seniors and post natal moms. You can start your pelvic health journey prenatally to start preparing for labour and delivery, to minimize the risk of complications postpartum, and to manage your pregnancy aches and pains. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is for women and men, of all ages, regardless of gyneacological history.

3. There are protected acts that only certain medical professionals are allowed to practice. Vaginal and Rectal exams constitute one such act. A physiotherapist must undergo proper training and be rostered with the college to perform internal exams. It is normal to expect an internal exam at your pelvic health appointments. Your therapist will make sure you are comfortable, and remember it is always optional and requires your consent. Click here to learn more about what you can expect from a Pelvic Health Physiotherapy session.

4. Young children who suffer from urgency, frequency and incontinence can also benefit from pelvic health treatment, though they would not be subject to an internal exam. 

5.  Pelvic Health isn’t just for women. Men benefit from Pelvic Floor Physiotherap post prostatectomy and if they suffer any sort of pelvic pain or incontinence. 

Within Sama's scope of practice, she can treat:

  • Urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Urinary urgency and frequency
  • Pelvic pain conditions
  • Pre- and post-natal care
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation for those recovering from cancer treatment
  • Rehab post-prostatectomy

We are eager to implement Honsberger’s innovative biomechanical approach, within the scope of best available evidence, to the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, including pre and post-natal care! 

Still unsure if Pelvic Health Physiotherapy is right for you? Book a Free 15-Minute Pelvic Health Consultation here

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