Top 3 Things Volleyball Players Should do to Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Don’t let your shoulder pain keep you from playing volleball! 

Follow these 3 steps to help volleyball players avoid shoulder injuries:

  1. Improve your upper back mobility.

    A common myth is that your power comes from your shoulders and arms but this is incorrect. Most of your power generated in your swing should come from your trunk rotation. If your upper back is stiff, you overuse your rotator cuff muscles in your shoulder which tends to lead to overuse injuries such as tendinitis.

    You can fix this by using The Posture Arch regularly. 

Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to use The Posture Arch to improve your upper back mobility:

  1. Release your muscles.

    Excessive muscle tone and tightness can lead to soreness if not released. Imagine tugging on an elastic band that has already been pulled to its maximum tension. Pull on it far enough and eventually it will snap.

Check out our Active Body Ball to release your muscles (e.g. pecs, lats, upper traps). 

  1. Strengthen your scapular muscles.

    The scapular muscles are often overlooked as most individuals focus on strengthening the rotator cuff muscles. While the rotator cuff muscles are important, the scapular muscles provide a stable base for the shoulder complex.

    To have a strong structure, the foundation must be solid!

Try these three volleyball specific exercises to strengthen your scapular muscles. Do not forget to use the Posture Arch first! 

Try these three steps out to prevent shoulder injuries for volleyball players! These three steps to prevent shoulder injuries applies to volleyball players of all levels! 

If you have experienced a shoulder injury and are in the rehab phase, please be sure to follow your surgeons protocol and work with a Physiotherapist to ensure a proper rehab plan is in place. 

Melisa works closely with the top surgeons in the Greater Toronto area to support proper rehab protocol and support your return to play program, offers in-person and virtual shoulder rehab visits as well as works with athletes one-on-one to enhance their performance by building the proper foundation to support power, strength and mobility! 

Click here to book an sports specific Physiotherapy Assessment, follow up treatment or volleyball training session with Melisa in Markham.

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