Introduction to Women's Health Issues

Pelvic Health

You wouldn’t let your roof leak, so why do you let your bladder leak? We are aware of our bladder on a daily basis. It’s likely one of the first things we think about what when we get up in the morning, and one of the last things we think about before we go to bed. Our bladder plays a huge role in maintaining our metabolic balance. Yet how many of us our taught how to manage our bladder. What’s normal in bladder function? What is abnormal? What supports it? Beyond being taught to maintain adequate fluid intake, proper bladder function is highly neglected, and it is not the only victim. 

Our bladder, our bowels and for those genetically female, our uterus, consists of the pelvic organs supported by our pelvic floor. Proper function of the pelvic floor is necessary for good bowel, bladder and sexual function. This group of muscles also play a role in proper hip, core, back and breathing mechanics. When our pelvic floor does function well, we can see huge quality of life changes due to incontinence, pelvic pain and much more.

Offered by Sama Farah-Mina in our Aurora clinic.