3 things you can do at home to help you improve in the gym

No matter if people think they do or don’t people squat, deadlift, overhead press everyday – inside the gym or in everyday life.  It is important to have a great foundational basic from which they body can move.

To get this the trunk / pelvis must act as stabilisers to allow your limbs to perform the movement effectively.

One way that the body automatically prepares for movement is to brace. In order to brace effectively one must breathe properly, have effective stabilisation patterns in the shoulder blade, trunk and pelvis and have a good amount of mobility around the joint needed for the action intended. 

1)Box Breathing 

5secs IN – 5secs HOLD - 5secs OUT - 5secs HOLD 

Lay on your back to begin

Hands rested on your lower ribs


Breathe in through the nose for a count of 5 seconds

Focus on feeling your belly and ribs rising into your hands


Hold this full breath for 5 seconds


Slow exhale through the mouth for a count of 5 seconds

Focus on the controlled relaxed smooth breath out for the full time


Hold this empty breath for 5 seconds

This can be challenging


Repeat for 10 repetitions or 2-3 minutes each time.

2) Plank

Lay on the floor face down

Elbows and wrists shoulder width apart – hands facing each other

Feet hip width apart

Start with chest on the ground as possible


Gently press the big toes into the ground

Squeeze butt cheeks together

Take a full belly breath

Breathe out and at the end of the breath draw belly button toward the spine (the spine shouldn’t move)


Keep this braced position and come up into the plank


Hold this plank for as long as its possible without losing shape and form

3) (Banded) Hip Flexor Stretch


Kneel on the ground in a lunge position

Knee resting on the ground

Keep trunk in an upright position

Knees and Shoulders should be in line

Back foot should be up with toes curled under


If using a band, attach this to something sturdy

Place behind back leg underneath the glutes


Keep Shoulders and Knee in line and Trunk vertical

Shift weight forwards onto front foot

Hip will come forward also


Hold this position for 2-3 minutes

Change sides and repeat the above.

If one side feels worse, make sure to repeat.

A proper home program will enhance your performance in the gym and in sport. If you are serious about performance, don't settle for google answers advising on your program. To be the best, you've got to work with the best! 

Written by: NICK ASHMAN, MScPhysiotherapy, CSCS, BSc (Hons) Applied Sports Science  + ADAM HONSBERGER, Registered Massage Therapist, Owner of Honsberger Physio+ 

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