Athletic Therapy - Live Well and Play Strong!

Many people hear the word 'Athletic Therapy' and think that you must be an athlete to see an Athletic Therapist.  In fact, Athletic Therapy is for everyone.  Think of Athletic Therapy as the pursuit of active living! 

Athletic Therapists specialize in the prevention, immediate care, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries with a specialty on athletic performance.  Athletic Therapists also have a background in prophylactic and supportive taping, postural evaluations, equipment fitting, functional ability evaluations, and patient specific conditioning programs.  Athletic Therapists are also trained in Emergency First Response for immediate care of an individual and provide in depth assessments of both acute and chronic injuries for optimal rehabilitation.

Athletic Therapy may have similarities to Physiotherapy with respect to manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, and exercise therapy.  However, these professions are two distinct designations with different training approaches and scope of practice.

I am proud to be working as a Certified Athletic Therapist for almost 20 years now.

In this time, I have had the pleasure of working with clients of all levels ranging from clinical, hospital, industrial and at the Olympic level.  I became an Athletic Therapist because I love sports and wanted to treat athletes, as they are motivated and focused in taking a proactive and aggressive approach to their treatment.  Athletes never want to sit on the sidelines and will do whatever it takes to get better and be the best that they can be.  It is this message that I drive home to all my clients – to take control of their health!

When I first started my career in Athletic Therapy, I quickly realized that I was called to treat a wide range of injuries, where my skillsets had to be varied and I had to advance beyond the foundations of Athletic Therapy. Athletic Therapists have experience in active soft-tissue release techniques, joint mobilizations, concussion management, and correcting muscular imbalance to name a few. My work and experience have led me to progress my Athletic Therapy practice to include advanced foundations in manual therapies, sports performance, biomechanics and osteopathic techniques – building a wholistic approach to treatment where the body is looked at as a whole unit to find the root source of injury. 

My goal is to make you live well and play strong!


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