Any ankle, knee and hip injury whether because of sport, poor posture or a fall, will affect balance.

A leg injury such as an ankle sprain or fracture, will decrease joint position sense or 'proprioception'. Proprioception is the sense though which we perceive the position and movement of our body, including our sense of equilibrium and balance, senses that depend on the notion of force (Jones, 2000).

Decreased proprioception reduces your ability to balance, making it easier to trip, fall and re-injure. Proprioception training is an important element of full return to sport readiness for Athletes and active aging individuals alike. 

Poor posture, where the head is held forward of the body and the upper back is rounded, is also a major factor in poor balance, and so can increase the chance of a fall, whether in sport or with daily living.

Falls are the leading cause of injury related hospitalization in Canadian seniors. They can result in hip fractures, decreased mobility and weakness, and loss of independence.

The good news is that this is preventable!

Your trusted Physiotherapist, Registered Massage Therapist, Osteopath or Certieid Athletic Therapist can help!

For seniors, proper management of chronic conditions, including medications, glasses, and identifying tripping hazards are all important. Your Honsberger Physio+ practitioner can assess your balance on your next visit to determine your risk, and design a program to improve it.

For all age groups, exercise, whether for acute injury rehabilitation or for chronic conditions, is vital. Your program should include trunk and leg strength, joint mobility, cardio and posture/balance training. If you or a family member are experiencing any of these issues, consult our therapy team for before an injury occurs! 

To book your next visit at Honsberger Physio+, click here, and be sure to comment balance in the 'notes' section so we are aware of your goals! 

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