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Protect your Eyes 

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The macula and the collective accumulation of key antioxidants referred as macular pigment is a critical part of the eye function. In general life and in sports it has been strongly linked to visual performance in situations of low light, colour detection, contrast sensitivity.

The macular pigment is composed of dietary carotinoids – luetin, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin. These antioxidants reduce haramful free radicals and and protect the eyes by absorbing damaging short- wavelength blue light – source computer screens, phones.
They also protect the macula from cumulative damage resulting in age-related macular disease.

So whether you are having trouble driving your car at night or having trouble picking up a 100 mile/hour fast ball you need assess the health of your macular pigment and take appropriate action.

Contrast Sensitivity Test

Your score on the Contrast Sensitivity Test will give us a strong indicator of your macular pigment. A high score indicates that your macular pigment is being negatively affected by oxidative stress in your eye.


  • 22mg of dietary carotinoids are necessary to maintain a healthy macular pigment

  • Food sources – a typical North American diet supplies 1.4mg on a daily basis

  • Supplimentation – Macuhealth has produced the right combination of key carotinoids for general eye health and Vizion Edge for the athletic population to meet your eye antioxidant needs.

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Written by: Kevin Honsberger, Founder of Honsberger Physio+, Registered Physiotherapist

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