Bauerfeind: The Best Braces

Introducing the Bauerfeind® Medical line of Braces and Orthosis

Honsberger Physio+ is proud to announce that we are now an official supplier of Bauerfeind® braces and orthosis.

Bauerfeind® products have become well-known and well-trusted in the North American market. In Canada, Bauerfeind® products are rated as medical devices.

The brace material is weaved with 20-30 mmHg compression which sets them apart from many other products on the market. The braces are designed for optimal comfort, easy wear, easy maintenance, and fit a large variety of orthopaedic needs to get you back to activity and being your best.  

Bauerfeind® was founded in 1929 in Zeulenroda (Thuringia, Germany) and is one of the market leaders in its industry.

The company employs ~2,000 staff worldwide and is represented by subsidiaries in over 20 countries. The products are exclusively made in Germany and are partly manufactured by hand before being sent all over the world. They fulfill the most stringent requirements in terms of quality, effectiveness, and wearing comfort.

Bauerfeind® products are represented by Dirk Nowitzki, former NBA player and 14 time All-Star, and soon-to-be Hall-of-Famer. The company has been a firm fixture of Olympic medical care since 2002.

If motion is life, then circulation is the key. Keeping the body moving and promoting vital circulation helps the body heal.

Bauerfeind® braces are designed for such a purpose.

The “Train” line is designed to allow for joint stability and compression (which promotes venous return to the heart) but ultimately, they are able to be fully integrated into your activity of choice.

The “Loc” braces are designed for more rigid support. The Loc products are great for when you need more joint stability for everyday uses as well as post-op recovery. 

We offer 6 core Bauerfeind Braces & Supports for sale on our web shop.

However, can place custom orders for more specific products from Bauerfeind, DonJoy, BREG and more. 
Please contact Daniel Snider at for more information. 

If you don't know exactly what brace is best, we provide Brace Consultations in both of our Markham and Aurora clinics. 
To learn about what you can expect in a Brace Fitting sesion, click here

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