Client Profile: 13-Year-Old Competitive Dancer

Enhancing Ballet Performance: A Success Story of a 13-Year-Old Dancer

Client Profile

A 13-year-old dancer came to us hoping to enhance her movement capabilities ahead of her prestigious National Ballet of Canada audition. She faced challenges that threatened to hold her back and we were able to help her make great improvements!

Identifying Challenges

Upon her arrival, the young dancer presented with significant hurdles impeding her performance. These included:

  • Difficulty raising her right leg
  • Stiff left arm movements
  • Upper back stiffness

Through our biomechanical assessment, we uncovered underlying issues such as an unbalanced pelvis, mild scoliosis, and limited hamstring flexibility, hindering her ability to perform at her best.

The Treatment Journey

In her initial session, we focused on addressing her immediate needs. Through tailored interventions, the dancer experienced a breakthrough, achieving an impressive 120 degrees of hamstring flexibility. Equipped with newfound knowledge, she was empowered to realign her pelvis independently, laying the groundwork for continued progress.

Continued Progress

Subsequent treatments honed in on enhancing spinal and shoulder blade mobility, key components for dance performance. Witnessing symmetrical and improved segmental spinal movements, the dancer's left arm performances became smoother and more controlled. Armed with additional exercises for her home program, she embarked on a journey of maintenance and further improvement.

Unlocking Dance Potential

Aligning her pelvis proved to be a pivotal turning point for the young dancer, enabling her to achieve remarkable feats:

  • Showcasing symmetrical hip mobility, she effortlessly lifted her leg higher, executing dance moves with precision and impact.
  • With improved left arm performance, she exuded grace and control, effortlessly moving with fluidity and elegance.

Through targeted physiotherapy interventions, we were able to unlock the dance potential of our young client. From addressing specific challenges to empowering her with techniques for continued improvement, we paved the way for her success on the dance floor. This inspiring journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of physiotherapy in realizing one's full potential.

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Written by: Cecilia Chan, Registered Physiotherapist

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