Exclusive Opportunity for Competitive Baseball Players!

Are you a baseball player aiming to boost your power and exit velocity at the plate, or enhance your pitching performance through increased arm strength?

We are excited to announce an exclusive opportunity for competitive baseball players, like you, to participate in groundbreaking research.

We are looking for 50 players (15 pitchers and 35 positional players, 2 through 9) to help us better understand how posture influences baseball performance, specifically focusing on areas such as exit velocity at the plate and arm strength/pitch velocity.

Your participation in this research project will not only unlock personal performance insights but also contribute valuable innovative data and an exciting proof of concept to the broader baseball community! 

Why is good posture so crucial for baseball players?

Posture plays a significant role in optimizing biomechanics, which directly impacts your ability to generate power, maintain balance, and reduce the risk of injuries. Understanding and improving your posture can unlock hidden potential and take your game to the next level!

As part of this initiative, we are offering complimentary posture assessments and data collection sessions conducted by our experienced Osteopath & Certified Athletic Therapist, Dan Hilborn. Dan brings a wealth of expertise in sports performance and injury prevention, including working with Team Canada Baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays. Dan's experience ensures that your assessment is thorough and personalized to your position and strengths and weaknesses on the diamond! 

Assessment FAQs

  • Where do the assessments take place? Our Markham clinic, located at 105-675 Cochrane Drive.
  • What do I need to bring to the assessment? Athletic clothing as well as your bat for position players.
  • How long is the assessment? Approximately 20-30 minutes.
  • What will I receive after the assessment? A better understanding of how posture can affect performance and a few corrective exercises to improve posture/performance.
  • What positions can be part of the assessment? Positions 1 through 9 are needed for this research project. 
  • What age groups can participate? Any aspiring junior, elite, select, rep, AA, AAA, collegiate, minor league or pro-level player can participate! 
  • Do you have to be a client of Honsberger Physio+ to participate? No, you do not have to be a client to participate, anyone is welcome! 
    Have a team or a group of interested baseball players? We can attend your next practice or schedule a group testing day in the clinic!

To participate as an individual or with a group/team and contribute to cutting-edge research in baseball performance, please email Dan Hilborn at Dan@honsbergerphysio.com to confirm your interest!

Spaces are limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and gain valuable insights into your athletic potential.

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