Fix My Neck Pain!

What’s your favourite technique to use as a Sport Massage Therapist? 

As a Registered Sport Massage Therapist I always assess my clients before determining the appropriate technique for their injury, pain or athletic goals. 

Every situation or every treatment in different regions on the body has a technique that I would consider “my favourite” or that I would consider most effective based on the goals of the session. 

But if I had to name one technique that clients seem to enjoy the most, I would say "suboccipital release" or as clients like to call it “that thing you do in the back of my neck”.

Can you explain suboccipital release? 

This technique combines sustained pressure over the muscles located at the base of the skull, the application of small circular movements over those same muscles while I have my client move their head up and down, or nod up and down. 

Why do clients like suboccipital release so much?

This technique is relaxing by nature. A lot of our daily stress gets stored in the upper back and neck muscles so when doing this technique the client experiences a feeling of stress release and tension.

Why do you like suboccipital release as a Registered Massage Therapist? 

I like the multipurpose aspect of this technique. This technique is excellent to treat tension headaches, migraines, and neck pain besides giving the client that feeling of stress reduction. It can also be used to decrease firing of the sympathetic nervous system if combined with other manipulations.

This is a technique majority of the clients respond very well to thus they need it; other clients love the stress relief and feeling of well-being they get with it thus they ask for it. For that reason, whenever I am treating the neck area, I tend to use it!

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