Focus In Golf

Having strong focus and concentration skills along with the ability to avoid distraction is crucial to optimal performance in any athletic endeavor.

A common characteristic to all elite level athletes is that they possess the ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand and are able to avoid external stimulus or distractions that can hinder performance.

Many would argue golf is one of the more difficult sports to maintain focus and concentration due to the open environment the game is played in, the varying shot types needed (drive, pitch, putt), and the amount of time between shots that can allow your mind to wander.

Research has shown that elite golfers have the ability to utilize various cognitive techniques such as “attentional narrowing” that is characterized by the ability to avoid irrelevant cues and concentrate on the relevant information needed for a skilled performance.

When interfering or irrelevant cues exceed our concentration and focus capabilities performance will suffer.

Jon Blomme CPGA Professional at the AIM Golf Academy describes the 4 pillars of golfperformance as Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental with the mental aspect often being one of the more important pillars as well as one of the most underutilized when trying to improve your game. 

“Focus in golf is keeping your attention on something you choose for the duration of the swing.  We typically choose either our body, club, ball or target.  When all the pieces are in place we can shift solely to the target.  That’s where the magic happens!”

Incorporating neurocognitive tools into your training program will improve focus! To learn more about our GOLF AND NEUROCOGNITIVE PERFORMANCE training options, read this article: 

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