Golf and Neurocognitive Performance

Incorporating neurocognitive tools into your training program will improve focus!

In particular, various studies show positive gains in various forms of attention thus providing the ability to keep your attention on your key objectives on the field, or in the case of golfers, while on the course.

Sensory distractions are extremely important to avoid during a round of golf or in tournament play. By learning to hone your attention to one single item at a time, it can help you to tune out the outside world while focusing on your tee shot, making your way down the fairway, or setting up over that birdie putt. 

Developed in 2009, NeuroTracker was co-founded by Professor Jocelyn Faubert, in the Faubert Lab at the University of Montreal. Professor Faubert’s goal with NeuroTracker was the application of neuroscience to improve cognitive abilities with real-world benefits for human performance.

It was first adopted by elite sports teams in the EPL, NHL, NFL and NBA, with the product being constantly evolved to meet the needs of athletes. 

NeuroTracker X stimulates high-level mental resources across the brain, and can also include neurophysical training with dual-task programs for specific sports. Each session lasts around 6 minutes, and around 3 hours of total training has been shown to robustly improve executive functions, attention, working memory and response control, among other abilities.  NeuroTracker requires you to focus and react to what you’re seeing as if it was a real-world situation. The goal of the overall training process is that the program is capable of giving you a competitive edge while playing in your particular sport.

NeurotrackerX is available as an in-clinic program at Honsberger Physio+ as part of our full suite of Sports Performance Vision Training programs, or as a web based home version. Your individual training is based on an assessment of your personal baseline cognitive skills. The most appealing part of our web based home version is that it can be used as a warm up tool before (or during) practice and play!

Serious competitors are always looking for ways to level up vs. their competition - usually looking to the gym or the range to get there, but you can only do so many exercises and hit so many balls... The best golfers are looking elsewhere for these gains!  Training their focus and attention to have more mental toughness during game, it may not be a traditional approach, but we are willing to bet that this will change your game! We believe so much in this system that we are will to offer you 25% off your first NeuroTrackerX At-Home Licence using code: MENTALTOUGHNESS! 

NeuroTracker is #1 Cognitive Training System in the World!

To be THE BEST, you've got to train like THE BEST! Buy your NeuroTrackerX At-Home Licence today! 

All you need is a tablet or laptop computer! 

Written by: 
Registered Physiotherapist, Retired Athletic Therapist
Manaing Clinical Director of the Markham Clinic 

B.H.SC. (PT)

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