Introducing Intimate Rose

If you’ve ever seen a Physio, Massge or an Athletic Therapist, you’re probably familiar with some of the many tools that clinicians may use in their practice...these tools, such as massage balls, posture arches, therabands and superfeet, are all great compliments to hands on treatment that allow us clinicians to help you get better faster, promote health, fitness, and allow patients to gain more out of their appointments because they are taking better care of themselves from home. 

While the products that support the pelvic floor are not as commonly seen in mainstream media, Pelvic Floor Physio is not exempt from using tools to help our patients take their health into their own hands and do exercises more effectively at home! 

For those of us new to the pelvic floor, here is a little recap... The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that form a bowl to support our bladder, our rectum, and our sex organs. The muscles play an important role in the proper function of these organs including maintaining continence, regular bowel movements, fertility, sexual function, and more.

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Like any other muscle, the muscles in our pelvic floor can also require strength, conditioning and sometimes rehab. The pelvic floor muscles can get weak and fatigued, short and painful, or all together uncoordinated. This may cause a variety of pelvic floor dysfunctions including pelvic pain, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, constipation, and much more. These can contribute to social isolation, changes in eating and drinking habits, affect sexual health, lack of confidence or low self esteem and much more. All the more reason to put tools in our patients’ hands that allow them to improve their health from the comfort of their own home!  

Honsberger Physio+ puts a large emphasis on curating the best products for our patients to improve their health and wellness, which is why I have spent a lot of time research high quality products to compliment my practice.

Offering these tools in our clinic is a logical step to help our pelvic floor therapists empower their patients and treat them from a perspective that is crucial and often overlooked.

I am very excited to introduce you to a brand called Intimate Rose Women’s Health Products - a destination for hope, answers, solutions, and support.

Honsberger Physio+ is one of the few providers that offer Intimate Rose Women's Health products for sale in Canada

As a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, I would like to share a few tools that our team may introduce to you during your pelvic floor rehab journey: 

  • Pelvic Wand: Think of it as the massage ball of the pelvic floor. Short and stiff pelvic floor muscles inhibit proper function and can result in pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, incontinence, constipation and more. Like your neck or back, the muscles in your pelvic floor can also have some sore spots that need to be released. Your therapist would teach you how to use the wand yourself to help decrease tension in those muscles at home and maintain the improvements you would gain during your physio sessions.
  • Dilators: Proper flexibility of the pelvic floor muscles is very important for proper pelvic floor function, sexual function and preventative health. Dilators like these would be used to treat any condition resulting in difficulty with insertion, such as vaginismus. This is very important to maintain sexual and reproductive health as well as performing health screening exams. Your therapist would start with the smallest size and help you work your way up. This tool is also very important in the post operative rehab of male to female transgendered patients.
  • Pelvic Floor Education: Understanding your pelvic floor is arguably the most important aspect of your pelvic floor rehab. It is the foundation to your treatment and will guarantee long-lasting improvements. I highly recommend by patients who are starting off on their Pelvic Health journey read Restoring The Pelvic Floor for Women by Dr. Amanda Olson. 

Now all of this can be a little bit intimidating to navgiate on your own... what products you need, how to use them, how often... The best results are seen when paired with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, which is why we offer a FREE 15-minute Virtual Pelvic Health Consult with our in-house Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Sama Farah-Mina.

If you have any additional questions regarding our Women's Health Products, Intimate Rose or Pelvic Health Physiotherapy please email Sama directly at!

We look forward to meeting you! 

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