Low Back Pain Linked to a Weak Diaphragm

Recent research out of Britain has linked a weak diaphragm to lower back pain. 

The diaphragm is responsible for two very important functions, breathing and lumbar spine stability. 

Back pain becomes an issue when the diaphgram starts to fatigue, which forces it to give up its stability role so it can simply focus on breathing. 

But how do you know how strong your diaphragm is? At what point does it start to fatigue? What can you do to help strengthen you diaphragm? These are questions we get all the time. 

If you haven't had the strength of your diaphragm assessed, you could be experiencing low back pain or be a candidate for low back pain as it becomes overworked. 

Those of us who are commited to improving performance in sport, participate in physical activity in general, play a breath controlled musical instrument or sing should consider having this assessed. 

The overall goal for most of our clients is to be able to participate in the activities that bring them joy, allow them to earn a living and most importantly be pain free! If you haven't had your diaphargm assessed, this might be the reason for your pain! 

Interested in having your diaphargm assessed? Give us a call in Aurora (905) 841-0411 or Markham (905) 940-2627. 

Written by Kevin Honsberger, Owner/Founder of HonsbergerPhysio+
Registered Physiotherapist

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