Optimal Performance in Baseball

Optimal performance is the ultimate goal in all sports. Whether we are talking about professional athletes, rep players, houseleague players or weekend warriors - all athletes want to improve their performance. Athletes spend many hours training, practicing, conditioning and mentally preparing themselves for competition.

Balance is a critical component of performance in all sports including baseball - position players spending countless hours working on batting stance, separation, loading and defensive ready positions, while pitchers work endlessly on being balanced during their wind-up and delivery. These are all extremely important factors in performance but what is almost always overlooked is whether or not the athlete’s body itself is balanced. 

Your body must be balanced to be balanced in your sport. Body balance (biomechanical balance) involves several key components. The foundation of your body is your feet and balance is dependent on a solid foundation. Your feet must properly support your body in order for you to transfer energy from the ground (ground reaction force) to your body above. Your feet must be stable to properly support your body. The next key component is pelvic alignment. Malalignment of the pelvis will offset balance and will negatively affect hip rotation by blocking your hips. Your hips must be mobile. Mid-back (thoracic spine) mobility is the third critical component. Your mid-back must be mobile to allow fluid motion.

Practice, including working on mechanical balance is critical for sport performance. Just remember that you can’t be balanced in your sport if your body is not balanced as well. Honsberger Physio+ specializes in the identification of biomechanical malalignment and if necessary we will re-align your body and give you an exercise program and tools to maintain proper body alignment. Afterwards all your training and conditioning efforts will be maximized and you will be on your way to optimal performance.

Brent Andrews BPE, A.T.,C, Certified Level 2 Baseball Coach

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