Pay Attention to your Breathing

Have you ever paid attention to how you breathe?

One of the best examples of proper diaphragm breathing is seen in a newborn baby - their abdomen and rib cage expand and contract as they breathe in and out. Most of us just take breathing for granted, but we must understand that breathing is a vital function which regulates and stimulates our own good health and longevity. 

In identifying many clients with breathing dysfunctions, I have come to the conclusion that many of us do not breathe properly or are even aware of our breathing habits. When we become inefficient in our breathing, the diaphragm (the principle muscle in breathing) can become restrictive and this can lead to increased tension around the abdomen, ribs, neck and back.

Diaphragm restrictions can be an underlying factor towards many problems we may experience in life, including:

  • low back, mid back or neck pain and/or stiffness
  • digestive issues such as IBS, acid reflux, hiatal hernias, stomach cramps, etc.
  • respiratory concerns such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc.
  • increased neurological stress and hypertension
  • increased muscular fatigue
  • decrease in overall endurance and energy levels

Although many people may feel that they have little sensory awareness of their breathing, diaphragm breathing can be achieved with proper practice.

The first step is to identify if your breathing mechanics are correct is through a proper assessment.

Interested in getting your breathing mechanics assessed? Email 

Jason Varghese, R.Kin, CAT(C), B.Sc.

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