Pregnancy + C-Section Recovery

Did you know?

Osteopathic treatment is perfectly safe during all stages of pregnancy for both mother and baby!

By using a drug-free and non-invasive approach which uses gentle massage, joint mobilisation and muscle energy and manipulation techniques. Osteopaths can boost mobility, help release areas of restriction, prescribe corrective exercises to support areas of hyper-mobility, improve tissue texture and reduce pain.

At Honsberger Physio+ we our Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Dan Hilborn, works closely pre + post natal moms to help support their pregnancy term as well as recovery!

The different stages of pregnancy can impact people in varying ways, we recognize that!

The number of women who undergo a C-section is on the rise, now on average 30% of women in Canada have a c-section to birth their baby!

C-Section Recovery

Something that I have always found interesting regarding C-section surgeries is why they are treated so differently than an orthopedic surgery. It is widely recognized in medical field and recommended by pretty well every orthopedic surgeon that doing proper prehabilitation and rehabilitation leading up to and following a hip, knee or shoulder surgery is the correct course of action for the best recovery. I see patients most weeks that are scheduled for a hip or knee replacement and their surgeon always recommends that they strengthen their muscles before the surgery and follow a strict postsurgical plan with a therapist to help them recover. Why are pregnant women who are scheduled for a C-section not given the same advice? Why are women who have just had an emergency C-section not referred to a therapist the same way a patient who just had knee surgery would be?

During a C-section, incisions are made through the abdominal wall, abdominal facia, and the uterus creating scar tissue that can dramatically affect trunk, spine and hip range of motion as well as core strength. If this scar tissue and weakness are not addressed the body will start to compensate which can lead to biomechanical dysfunctions and chronic abdominal, back, and hip pain.

What can be done?

In most cases women who are scheduled for a C-section can be given simple core, hip and glute exercises designed to create better stability and strength in the area. Just like in any orthopedic surgery, the stronger we are going into surgery the stronger we will be after. Post C-section after your 6-8 week check up with surgeon in almost every case a rehabilitation program can begin to help you recover properly and reduce the risk of pain and dysfunction both acutely and chronically. Treatment can consist of manual therapy to limit the formation of scar tissue and allow for proper healing to occur. A strengthening program will also be introduced to create better stability and avoid the body from compensating creating biomechanical dysfunctions and pain.

We want you to be able to recover from this surgery as quickly as possible, be painfree and enjoy your time with your newborn and growing family! 

Taking the proper steps before and after birth will ensure you do not develop longterm chronic pain from your C-section! 

Dan provides treatment in both Aurora and Markham. 
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Written by: Daniel Hilborn, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Certified Athletic Therapist

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