Time To Get Up and Get Moving!

Did you know that the pain and/or discomfort that you may be feeling may be a result of being inactive?!

This should raise a concern considering that the average person sits an estimated 10-15 hours a day between their commute to work, their actual desk work environment, and nightly screen time, etc.

Prolonged sitting does not only negatively impact our muscles and joints, but also slows down our metabolism and cardiovascular health. To help improve the situation, companies are introducing sit-to-stand workstations and other ergonomic tools, but the provided benefits are just not enough! 

If you do use a sit-to-stand workstation, you may find this article Jason wrote 'THE MYTHS OF SIT TO STAND WORKSTATIONS' insightful! 

Here are some TIPS TO GET MOVING!

  • Take phone calls standing up

  • Use a washroom on a different floor and try to use the stairs more

  • Set reminders on your phone or computer to alert you on taking stretch breaks

  • Send fewer emails and try to go visit your colleagues around the workplace instead

  • Search for a farther parking spot or if you take transit, try getting off one stop before your actual stop so that you walk a little more

  • Use a step counter or similar fitness tracker to monitor your activity level through the day

Interested in learning more?

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