Why Your Workstation is Causing You Pain

Sitting and being stationary is something we all do on a daily basis, but for some of us sitting is worse than for others and in a lot of cases unavoidable based on your job. People who sit too much often suffer from low back pain, sciatica, elbow or neck pain to name a few. Even though sitting may be unavoidable it does not have to create new problems for you. For many of us, the most we sit is while we are at work. By improving your work station you can help improve your posture, reduce pain and have more energy - allowing you to be more productive!

The easiest and best way to fix your workstation is through an Ergonomic Assessment of your workstation. Through an Ergonomic Assessment many key variables such as chair height, computer monitor heigh and distance from your monitor will be measured and corrected to their ideal location. This will help you from sitting with spine alignment, head position as well as shoulder position.

But first and in our opinion the most important piece is a biomechanical evaluation, what this portion entails is assessing your bodies alignment, mobility and strength and correcting any issues that may be present. By including this as part of the Ergonomic Assessment Honsbeger Physio+ can give you the most customized ergonomic assessment available.

By correcting biomechanics and workstation ergonomics you can drastically decrease your pain, likelihood of injury and improve your quality of life!

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Written by Adam Honsberger, BKIN, CPT, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist 

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
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