Your Running Routine

Dear Runners,

As the weather gets warmer, many of us like to hit the pavement or trails. Here are some tips to keep in mind when starting up on a spring/summer running routine:

First and foremost, make sure your running shoes are appropriate for your foot type. Some of us need more cushioning in our shoes while others need more arch support. Many of the common running overuse injuries can be pinpointed to improper footwear.

  • 1) Land like a ninja (land softer)
  • 2) Ensure adequate hip extension (aka pretend you’re running on the beach and trying to kick sand behind you with each stride)
  • 3) Ensure you have a slight forward lean from the ankles
  • 4) Ensure arm swing doesn’t cross your body (forwards and backwards only)
  • 5) Glutes, glutes and more glutes

Key message to all runners: keep up with your hip strengthening and mobility. This will allow you to stay running for a longer period of time! 

And PLEASE, do not forget to stretch! 

If you need more professional guidance, we conduct gait assessments and can provide a running shoe recomendations at Honsberger Physio+

Written by SARO MINASSIAN, MScPT, BAH (Kin) 
Physiotherapy Resident

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
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