My Pelvic Health Journey

Pelvic Health

It’s been a long time since I did something for myself…as in 'self care'. Tuesday last week was the day! 

I have been struggling (ok ignoring/avoiding) with pelvic floor issues for quite some time…about 9 years since the birth of my last son. Things have become progressively worse… leaking with coughing, laughing, and don’t ask me to do jumping jacks, skip or bounce on a trampoline without double clench leg cross lockdown, that or a pad to help stop the leaks! 

Enter Sama Farah-Mina. Our most recent PT that has started with Honsberger Physio+ here in Aurora.  We are so very lucky and blessed to have Sama on our team!  So back to self care.  My schedule allowed for me to have a Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Assessment with Sama Tuesday.  Enough talking about it (or as Atomic Habits author James Clear talks about– motion and action), it was time for action. 

For some, discussing leaking pee when you cough or sneeze, pelvic pain with a partner, barely getting through the door and you tinkle, can be somewhat embarrassing.  To be honest, a lot of us (both men and women) are experiencing these and other symptoms. 


There are dedicated health professionals to help you deal with these issues and more! 

Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor

It starts off with a detailed “intake form” that is done online (in some cases can be done in person with Sama).  I have had pelvic floor physio several years ago, but there were things I learned from Sama that I had ZERO clue about!!  As many of you may know, I am an “open” therapist.  Never any taboo subjects and I am the first one to state I am less than ideal but here I am.  I accept and care for all my patients and ensure a safe space for their physical and emotional wellbeing, Sama is this and BEYOND!!

For some, you will need to do a “bladder diary” to record how much you drink (water, coffee, tea and any other liquid), how often and how long your pees are, leakage and what you were doing at the time to describe just a few.  Normalizing pelvic health is good!  We need to have these conversations/discussions with our therapists about this previous “taboo” subject, and Sama is here to help!  You would be surprised with what you learn about yourself and learning about body awareness.

It isn’t all passive, there is some work to be done.  It is straightforward, and honestly no one can tell if you are working on your core (which impacts your pelvic floor!) while sitting at your desk😉.  I was absolutely amazed at how quickly (that day) I was able to effectively contract the muscles Sama needed me to. And I am happy to report that the incidence of dribbling is almost completely GONE!  How is that for success??  YES, IN LESS THAN A WEEK! 

The time, body awareness and commitment to your health and well being is beyond worth it! 

Follow along with 'My Pelvic Health Journey' and stay tuned for more updates! 

Registered Massage Therapist + Certified Athletic Therapist

Sama is available Monday to Friday at the Aurora office.  Feel free to send her an email if you have any questions that you may want to ask about or book with her online

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