Client Profile: 33-Year-Old Skateboarder

Unveiling the Journey: Overcoming Chronic Knee Pain in Skateboarding

Client Profile

John, a 33-year-old male skateboarder came to our clinic seeking relief from chronic right knee pain that was affecting his ability to skateboard.

Identifying Challenges

John's average pain level was 4/10, and he experienced pain when bending his right knee past 90 degrees, especially during and after skateboarding. He had tried using a knee strap, which provided some relief, but previous physiotherapy treatments with modalities and icing only offered temporary benefits.

The Treatment Journey

Upon assessment, our Registered Physiotherapist Cecilia, identified several contributing factors to John's knee pain:

  • Flat feet
  • Unbalanced pelvis
  • Loss of hip range of motion
  • Weakness and tightness in his core, right quadriceps, and hip musculature

John's initial treatment involved:

  • Education on proper biomechanics, which enhances skateboarding by teaching efficient movement, improving performance, and reducing injury risk.
  • Realignment of his pelvis and hips, which ensures optimal body function, increasing flexibility, power, and control, while preventing chronic injuries.
  • Muscle release techniques, which relieves tightness and improves flexibility, leading to smoother, more fluid movements and reduced injury risk. 

Continued Progress

After just one week, John reported a 50% reduction in knee pain, even without using the knee strap or reducing his skateboarding activities. He continued with additional sessions to further improve flexibility, alignment, and strength in the identified weak muscles. After his 3rd visit, he reported a 75% decrease in pain!

Unlocking Potential

As John's treatment progressed, he was encouraged to purchase orthotics to enhance his alignment, minimize the risk of future injuries, and improve his skateboarding performance.

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Written by: Cecilia Chan, Registered Physiotherapist

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