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Benching is one of the core components of a weight-lifting program but it can also be a common source of shoulder pain.  Here are some tips on managing this! Don’t forget about the warm-up. New to warming up before your workout? Check out our previous blog post to guide you through a proper warm-up.  4 Take Home Lessons to Perform Better: 1) Improve your thoracic extension - A lack of extension in the spine can result in a chain of events that causes a pi...
Posted on 2018-03-29
Squash is a game that requires not only physical stamina but strong eyes - peripheral vision, awareness and depth perception. It can be one of the best sports in terms of calories burned per hour. I also love that it can be played all year round! You can play for fun, join a club to play more competitively, play with friends, family or your significant other.  An important lesson to learn for all squash squash players is to warm up your muscles first. Muscles stretch a lot better when...
Posted on 2018-03-14
The key to proper exercise is proper recovery. The nature of exercise and muscle growth is breaking down the muscles fibers so that they can grow larger, longer and stronger. However, if you do not provide your body with the proper nutrients to facilitate that recovery your gains are limited. If you do not have surplus nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and amino acids your body will breakdown its own cells to find them. In that scenario you will have muscle wasting instead of muscle gro...
Posted on 2018-03-14
Ever wonder why athletes are back on the playing field so quickly after an injury, meanwhile someone from work may be on a disability leave for weeks to months with a similar injury? The answer is quite simple – these employees are not being managed the same way that an athlete would. This is just one of the key factors behind why companies continue to struggle with the management of workplace injuries and the associated rising healthcare costs. Employees working in the industrial sector ...
Posted on 2018-02-15
When it comes to performance, every athlete has their own unique recipe for success. There are often elements of strength, power, and endurance training, as well as a focus on mobility. Where we have seen a major gap in an athletes training program is from a neurocognitive perspective. In layman’s terms, this means a focus on hand-eye coordination and reaction time by strengthening peripheral vision and spatial awareness. As a former NCAA baseball athlete, I wish that this type of trainin...
Posted on 2018-01-25
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