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Medical Reference


 Honsberger Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Clinic


The treatment philosophy, at Honsberger Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Clinic therapy, with main locations in Aurora and Markham Ontario,  is based on the principles of biomechanical balance, normalizing tissue tension and activity specific rehabilitation conditioning programs, to achieve a state of healthy bodily function and enhanced athletic performance. Imbalances may arise following sports injuries, work related injury, a motor vehicle accident, or from a chronic problem.


Better, Quicker and More Sustainable


Our team of Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists and Athletic Therapists utilize clinical research and data as well as current scientific evidence to effectively assess and treat our clients. Our focus is on proper injury rehabilitation as well as prevention programs (prehab) in which we create a customized pro-active program to reduce the risk of developing injuries affecting sport, work or general health.


By achieving a state of biomechanical balance, an individual will then be able to achieve optimal health and thus feel better and perform better.

We are conveniently located in Aurora and Markham .

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Neurocognitive Training Centre

HPBC has acquired leading edge equipment and software to address neurocognitive issues related to concussion recovery, attention challenges, vision development and athletic performance enhancement. “This new initiative brings sports medicine to the brain” reports HPBC president Kevin Honsberger. Visit our site for further information and clinical updates on the impact of our program.This service is now also available at our Aurora location, in addition to our Markham facility.


THINQ Golf features a suite of mental golf video games designed to improve necessary skills such as awareness, attention, synchronicity, intention, and adaptability to achieve cognitive coherency.

Athletic Development Program

Over many years of practice we have witnessed a deterioration in athletic performance before the appearance of an injury.  With sport-specific testing that is biomechanically based we can enhance and protect performance potential and avoid injuries.  Our focus as a group is to allow athletes to reach and maximize their performance potential.  By balancing the structural and biomechanical aspects of both the body and the body’s function within sport, we achieve optimal balance, which will therefore optimize the athlete’s performance.




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