In-house Golf Academy in Markham, ON

Honsberger Physio+ is proud to partner with The AIM Golf Academy to offer Golf Training and Swing Coaching in Markham, Ontario. The AIM Golf Academy is an elite team of PGA of Canada Professionals, along with our industry health and wellness professionals. Getting you to the top of your golf game starts with the right team of people.

The AIM Method is a customized golf program designed by a swing coach and body coach, based on your body, your swing, your game and your goals!

At the AIM Golf Academy, we don’t guess, we ASSESS!  

Our golf performance therapy, using the AIM method, involves fully understanding a player’s golf swing, and how their body can and can’t move allows our team to get to the root cause of the issue(s) in the golf swing.  

Goal Development

Golfers in the AIM Project develop specific goals with their coaches for their golf game, golf swing and body.  These goals and the AIM Initial Assessment completed by our team provide the foundation from which the customized coaching plan will be built from.

AIM Sessions

Each session during this one-of-a-kind experience is 1-hour in length and includes a private golf lesson with your PGA Pro.

Your Swing

The AIM team’s focus is to develop a swing that matches your body’s motor patterns, strength and speed. Developing a golf swing to match your body’s range of motion provides you with a swing you can repeat and trust.

Learn more about the AIM method here!

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