The Golf MRI in Markham, ON

Our Golf MRI is a 2 hour in-depth look at your golf game AND your functional and foundational movement giving you insights to your golf swing and on-course performance that will blow your mind! We use your baseline data and assessment findings to build a customized training program tailored specifically to you!

What Should I Expect in The Golf MRI?

This in-depth session will give our team the data needed to analyse your golf swing and your body in order to build a fully customized program to help you achieve your golf goals. The Golf MRI is a total of 3-hours broken up into two sessions.  The first 2-hour session will include both your body and golf assessments and the second 1-hour session will include a review of your analysis and program plan. 

1. Body Assessment: The Honsberger Physio+ team will conduct our 1-hour body strength, movement, flexibility, functional and foundational movement assessment. We want to understand how your body moves so we can customize a body program for you and your golf swing.

We will look at:

  • Medical History
  • Functional Movement
  • Structural Biomechanics
  • Strength + Grip Strength
  • Power
  • Sports Vision
  • Mental Preparedness
  • Nutrition
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Bolt Score

2. Golf Assessment: We will spend the next hour taking an in depth look at your putting, short game, and full swing with both your iron and driver to fully understand your golf game. We will use V1 Video analysis and the BodiTrak ground force pressure mat to measure weight transfer and vertical force in the golf swing, the K-Vest will be used to measure your kinematic sequencing and rotational speed in your golf swing.

3. 1-On-1 Follow-Up: To present and review your analysis and customized golf program.

Cost: $430 (A $650 Value)

What is Included in The Golf MRI Analysis Document?

    • Golfer Overview & Goals
    • Full Swing Club Ball Data and Equipment
    • The Swing and Ball Data Summary
    • Body Assessment and Training Goals
      This includes findings and plan for improvement in these categories:
      • Functional Movement
      • Structure
      • Strength + Power
      • Mental Preparedness
      • Contrast Sensitivity

View a Sample Golf MRI Analysis Document Here

Want to Learn More? Watch Our Golf MRI Webinar
Hosted by Dan Hilborn and Brandon McLeod!

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