Golf Simulator Bay in Markham, ON

Honsberger Physio+ is home to The Golf Performance Lab Simulator Bay featuring a state-of-the-art Foresight Sports GCHawk Golf Simulator. The GCHawk has a massive ball-capture range and ensures both right and left handed players can hit shots that are precisely measured.  From the drive to the putter, the GCHawk ensures a complete, true-to-life game experience. 

We believe collecting data to establish a baseline in performance is critical to building and measuring a golfer's improvement and success. We utilize the V1 Sports Pressure Mat to analyze ground reaction force and the K-Motion system to understand the kinematic sequence of your golf game!

Our Simulator Bay also features a GolfForever Swing Trainer to help you warm up and make the most out of your practice session!  To continue your training at home by building strength and mobility in diagonal, rotational patterns that directly apply to your golf swing, purchase your very own GolfForever Swing Trainer!



What are the Benefits of The Golf Performance Lab Simulator Bay?

Our golf simulator bay offers several advantages, including the ability to practice and play golf in a controlled indoor environment, regardless of weather conditions. It also provides valuable data and feedback to help golfers improve their skills. Our Golf Performance Lab is the perfect space for practice, play or lessons for golfers of all skill levels!

What Courses Are Available to Play?

The Golf Performance Lab Simulator Bay offers 12 courses for practice range or game play!

Should I Bring my Own Clubs and Balls?

Yes, please bring your own clubs with you. We also recommend that you practice with the same type of balls you play with to ensure a true practice environment.  But don't worry, if you forget your balls we have some waiting for you in the bay!

Do I Need to Join a League to use The Golf Performance Lab Simulator Bay?

Nope! You can easily book 1-hour practice sessions online here.

Can I Practice Putting?

Yes! The Golf Performance Lab Simulator Bay is the perfect spot to practice your entire golf game from putting to long drives.

I Could Use Some Help With my Golf Game:

We can definitely help with that! Our Golf MRI is perfect for you if you are looking for help with your golf swing!  We have teamed up with AIM Golf Academy to provide a 2 hour in depth look at your golf game and your functional and foundational movement. Learn more about all of our Golf Performance Therapy Services here.


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