The Best Massage Tools of 2022

At Honsberger Physio+ we specialize in providing massage therapy to alleviate your pain, tension and muscle aches and we recommend variety of massage tools for you to look after your physical health from home, while traveling, in the office or from wherever life may take you! 

Picking the right massage tools for your self-maintenance program can be difficult.

There are SO many massagers and massage tools on the market, how do you even know where to start? 

That’s why we've chosen the 'The Best Massage Tools of 2022' and outlined the benefits of each tool to help you to pick the perfect tool for muscle spasms, speedy recovery post workout, maitenance plan or simply to 'bring your massage therapist with you'! 

  1. Active Body Ball

  • Most superior rubber material amongst all massage balls
  • Most versatile massage tool which can release tension from small muscles to large muscles
  • Soft spikes can pin point and help breaking up adhesion on smaller problematic areas such as thumb flexors, elbow tendons, plantar fascia and rotator cuffs.
  • Can be heated or frozen to maximize the treatment benefits (click here to learn more)
  • Proudly made in Canada (in Ontario actually!) 
  1. Purple Spikey Ball

  • Largest in size amongst all massage balls.  
  • Larger size helps to provide larger pressure coverage on bigger muscles like hamstrings and quadriceps
  • Firm spikes are made with harder rubber compound which will offer a firmer and precise pressure to the muscles; great for people who are fond of strongest pressure and deep tissue massage 
  1. Power Roller

  • The rolling nature mimics a stroking motion which helps to improve circulation on the targeting muscles when applied continuously
  • Smooth surface of the ball is suitable for people who prefer gentle but firm pressure
  • Specially designed grip allows you to move the ball effectively and super easy to hold on to! 
  1. Core RX Ball

  • Most budget-friendly option but still made with quality rubber compound
  • Good size and weight to target smaller muscle groups
  • Great tool to release tension on back muscles while applied against wall or hard floor
  • Smooth surface of the ball is suitable for people who prefer gentle but firm pressure
  1. TheraCane - Active Sport Full Body Massager

  • The perfect tool for anyone who is not super mobile and cannot move around easily but still needs to aleviate pain and muscle tension 
  • Best tool in the line-up to tackle tricky areas such has middle back, trapezius and rotator cuffs
  • Multiple anchor points will provide variety leverage for you to apply pressure on those trigger points where hard to be treated by massage balls
  • It is also very easy to adjust the pressure you apply onto the trigger points

Still need more advice?

Contact us via email at with the word 'Massage Tool Question' and we will match you up with a massage tool expert to provide more specific advice for your condition. 

Written by:
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